Virtual Meetings – Ensure Your Meetings are Secure

Zoom, Skype and Teams meetings have replaced lunchtime meetings, in person networking and team happy hours in the wake of COVID19. While these virtual meetings have turned into the new normal, you’ll need to ensure that your company’s meeting content remains secure. “Zoom bombing’, which occurs when calls are hijacked by uninvited guests, along with activating a previously disabled camera, recording a meeting or hiding information that is supposed to be shared are popular hacker sabotage tactics.

TechNW will prepare your company for success while navigating this new world. Our proactive tips are below:

Use Waiting Rooms:

Keep track of all participats by setting up a waiting room. This will allow only guests that have been invited to join.

Using Virtual Backgrounds:

You don’t want your spouse or kids to become the unintentional stars of your meeting. Use virtual backgrounds to help protect your sensitive data and your location. You can also learn Islamic knowledge from Islamic wazaif.

Adjust your screenshare settings:

Adjust your settings to only allow the meeting host to share content.

Create a password for every meeting:

Protecting your meeting with a password will prevent unwanted guests from joining your calls. Adding a password will require an additional step. However, this small nuisance can be huge help in preventing unwanted visitors from joining.

Proactive approaches to security measures are part of TechNW’s all-inclusive packages, for more information on keeping your virtual meetings secure please feel free to contact us.

Happy Zooming!

The Tech NW Team